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Other Projects

Writer Michael Hutchison and artist Phil Meadows have collaborated on two previous projects, Job Wanted and a story which ran in Shooting Star Comics Anthology #4.

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Job Wanted

"Enigma In Outer Space"

In 2003, Michael Hutchison brought Fanzing Magazine to a close in order to focus on comic book writing. He gathered together over a dozen of the writers and artists at Fanzing and they put together an 80-page anthology called Job Wanted. Some of the participants had work for Shooting Star Comics, others had self-published, but for most this was their first actual comic book project. Many of the creators have since gone on to greater things, so the book did its job. However, it's more than a resume credit. Much more!

Every story in Job Wanted is about jobs, regardless of the setting or the genre of the story.

Michael Hutchison and artist Phil Meadows collaborated on a 14-page sci-fi mystery, "Enigma in Outer Space." The story concerns a lone spacer, Gus, and his only companion, J.O.S.E., as they clean up an asteroid field after a space crash. They are about to depart when they encounter the unexpected amongst the salvaged debris: a life form reading.

Job Wanted also contains a western, two horror stories, pulp action with Scott McCullar's "Yellow Jacket, Man of Mystery," and a funny animal story by the Brothers Grinn (Supermegatopia).

The book was released by Fuzzball, an imprint line under Shooting Star Comics.

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Shooting Star Comics Anthology #4

"Melvin and Marvin Middler, Time Meddlers"

The fine folks at Shooting Star invited Michael and Phil to do a story for SSCA #4. Their story, "Melvin and Marvin Middler, Time Meddlers," was acclaimed by reviewers as hilarious and entertaining.

Time Meddlers relates the misadventures of two time traveling British brothers who scheme to find ways to turn a profit without destroying existence or drawing the attention of the time-patrolling Temps.

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