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Data on XLR-8’s background is limited. XLR-8

It is known that he is an experimental superspeed android from roughly a century in the future, that the American flag on his chest contains 68 stars, and that a freak electrical storm combined with his energy fields to propel him back in time to 1978. There he encountered the Kold’s Warriors team and they initially mistook him for a Soviet weapon.

Over the decades, XLR-8 has fought evil and saved lives while growing into a sentient being.

XLR-8’s processors are estimated to be 12 trillion times faster than anything currently on the drawing boards. This high-speed perception, combined with a high-performance design, aerial drone input, repulsor emitters, gravity nullifiers and various field generators, allow XLR-8 to travel at astonishing speeds.


XLR-8 in action, full color
by Phil Meadows with color by Roz Terrill
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Below are 3-D models of XLR-8.

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